Visit to the pre inca ruins which are one of the most antique and enigmatic archeological rests of South America. Tours begin at 8.30 with pick up from the Hotel. The arrival to the ruins is approximately an hour and a half later. Along the way, there is a stop at Lloco Lloco (4028 M.a.s.l.), a great sightseeing hill where the Cordillera real can be seen on clear days. This location also allows a great view of Lake Titicaca and The city of El Alto.

Once arriving to the archeological site, museums are first, Museo Lítico and Museo Convencional, both filled with ancient artifacts of the Tiwanaku civilization. After about an hour, the visit through the ruins start (3875) for another hour and a half, visiting along the way the Akapana Pyramid excavations, Puerta del Sol, Monolith Ponce and others. Arrival time at La Paz is 15.30 approximately.





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Lago Titicaca


Isla del Sol

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